Telos for orchestra

by Dimitri Rastoropov

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'Telos’ is an orchestral work that explores the different meanings behind the term 'telos' (an ultimate object, or aim), in its historical variations, but largely through the meaning given to it by Christian theology, which gives the work an apocalyptic flavour.
Formally, this is a piece that definitely starts, but ends somewhat ambiguously, raising the question whether the piece has the capability to sound forever. The audible development of the music—often confusing—is largely driven by surreal, associative connections, and chains of words: telos, end, apocalypse, liturgy, apocalypse now, the end, the doors, etc.
All these words and meanings develop further references giving the music a texture that consists of a contradicting elements that eventually harmonise into a quasi-ending, as if assuming that the sounds are supposed to continue without the effort of any humans.

Conducted by Igor Tomashevsky, played by the St. Petersburg Conservatory Orchestra.


released March 4, 2013




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Dimitri Rastoropov Latvia

Dimitri was born in Riga, Latvia. He has studied composition in the St. Petersburg Conservatory. His output includes chamber, orchestral, electronic and electro-acoustic music.

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